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Helping Business Owners Grow


Our Goal is to See You Succeed!

At Computer Accounting Services, we take your success to heart. Always striving to build long-lasting business partnerships with our clients, we empower you to achieve your goals by taking on your accounting tasks, leaving you to focus on building and growing your business. 

We champion the entrepreneurial spirit of small businesses and support owners in achieving financial independence and stability. To keep you informed on recent economic changes that could affect independent Canadian businesses and individuals in the Greater Toronto Area, our team is dedicated to processing, identifying, measuring, recording, and communicating new economic information in a timely manner.

A Local Source for all your Financial Needs

Our Core Values

Our passion is to provide exceptional professional services, which is why we place a strong emphasis on the success of our clients and the continuous development of our team.  We firmly believe that, through open and honest dialogue as well as respect and recognition for each person's individuality, one can truly identify challenges and make improvements to existing procedures.

You Deserve Personalized Attention

At Computer Accounting Services, anticipating your need is our expertise. Through personal contact, face-to-face meetings, remote meetings and newsletters, we strive to deliver value-added information to you.

Financial Updates

Computer Accounting Services was standing with clients, helping them navigate the unique challenges posed by COVID-19. Now that the Pandemic is in our rearview mirror, our team has been responding to client questions on a wide range of subjects relating to the unique recovery and its impact on businesses. With the rapidly shifting landscape, it can feel overwhelming to keep up with the latest economic data. To assist our clients in making informed decisions in these uncertain times, we are prepared to offer support in identifying and interpreting the current economy as it pertains to their businesses.


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