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Big Firm Capacity with a Small Firm Personality

Having started its operation in 1995, Computer Accounting Services has been in the business of providing reliable accounting services to clients in the Greater Toronto Area. We believe in building great relationships with our clients based on reliable and timely advice.


As professional accountants, we understand that navigating the many procedures and policies around taxation and finances can be a frustrating and complex process. This has guided our operations to help provide you with accounting services in a way that suits you and your company the best. Partnering with our team provides you with a hassle-free process where we track your finances and appraise you of all relevant taxation and accounting needs. At Computer Accounting Services, our goal is to take the stress out of your financial duties. We strive to offer you simplified solutions for your complicated business and tax questions that are easy to understand.


Whether you are a young adult who has just started paying taxes or a seasoned business owner, we can help. Start by scheduling a one-on-one consultation today!

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